The Eye On Water app rolled out in 2018, and gives Weyburn residents the ability to monitor their daily and monthly water usage, as well as alert them to possible leaks on their property, through their cellphone or online.

Paige Tenbult, Communications Coordinator with the city of Weyburn, said that this technology is a great way for residents to manage their water consumption.

"We all know that sometimes as homeowners, you're not thinking about how much water you're using, and it's just a great platform to be able to navigate your water consumption throughout the month."

As well, the app notifies residents when a leak has been detected. Tenbult shared, "You might be away on vacation and you forgot to turn your water off, and all of a sudden you're seeing a notification on your phone that there was a leak detected. You can phone a family member or a neighbor to go in and check and make sure everything's okay at your home."

Tenbult explained that the easiest way to create an account is to visit, and there's a link at the bottom of the homepage that says "Eye On Water," you just click on that link and it will direct you to a webpage to create an account.

The app can also be downloaded on iOS or android devices, she said, and "creating an account is really easy. You just input your information and you take the information from one of your utility bills, which will give you your account number. It will identify you as a resident and then you'll be able to view your specific water usage at your home."

Tenbult explained that the interface is really easy to read and shows you where your daily usage has increased over the last seven days, over a month, as well as a 30 day average. 

"The app makes it easy to be alerted to possible leaks, and it's just a great way to help you reduce your water consumption, but also recognize when you're using water."

Tenbult added that anyone with questions can contact City Hall at 306-848-3200, or go here for more information.