Soon-to-be graduates of Weyburn Comprehensive School and their parents can take advantage of a virtual Scholarship Information meeting being held tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. via Microsoft Teams.

According to Career Development Counsellor Trent Whippler, there are around 40 scholarships available.

"There's a number of organizations and businesses every year in the community of Weyburn and surrounding area that step forward with scholarships and some money to help people on their chosen paths after high school, so we go over a general brief overview of those scholarships."

He said they have had years where certain scholarships receive no applications. "People think, 'oh, that's for university', so we really like to emphasize that there are plenty out there for people who are going into the trades." 

The event will take about an hour, Whippler noted, and while they did hold it in person prior to 2020, there are some advantages to using Teams.

"Both parents and students can participate, log in and listen and ask questions, but if you're not able to, we record the session and then we post it in Teams. So if they missed it, they can watch the recording and find the information."

Whippler added, "I would just encourage people to apply for as many of these scholarships that they feel pertain to them. If you're eligible, go for it. Don't assume you're not going to get it." 

Find the event poster HERE.