A week dedicated to cleaning up the streets of Weyburn, Wey-Clean Week was held last week, and the streets are looking great all throughout our city. However, it doesn't have to stop now that the official cleanup week is done.

"Spring cleaning is kind of a natural thing because of the weather patterns, and unfortunately in Weyburn and most of Saskatchewan, we can't trust the rain to come and do it for us," shared Weyburn City Councillor Ryan Janke. "Everything looks great, a little bit of effort out there makes all the difference in the world and it shouldn't be something we only do once a year."

"What I like better than just sweeping up the streets and making the town look better is the way it gets everybody out to work together on one single project and we all get to feel a sense of accomplishment together. That, to me, is far more valuable than the actual clean up." 

Janke reminds it's important to prevent messes by not littering, and continuing with some concerted effort year-round.

"If you're walking places where you see that kind of thing, it never hurts to [pick it up]. There's a lot of areas in our town where the wind will hide stuff and you don't see it unless you're there all the time, but that all adds up, too. That's all plastic that would much be better in the landfill than someplace else."

"Be cognizant of littering, make sure your garbage bags are tied, that kind of thing. It's really the little things that matter."

He said the sense of pride in our community is contagious, adding, "a couple years ago, Councillor Morrissette and I had a little contest around this. Maybe next year we should bring that back."