Envision Counselling and Support Center has been steadily growing their presence in the Southeast since 2008, offering essential support services to the individuals and families that live in our communities. Believing in the values of compassion, respect, responsibility, integrity, resourcefulness, and empowerment, Envision offers their services to survivors and secondary survivors of abuse, violence and sexual assault, children who have witnessed violence, families experiencing a traumatic situation, couples, stalking and harassment victims, as well as individuals exposed to human trafficking or sexual exploitation.

Now residents in Weyburn, Estevan, Oxbow, and Carlyle can give back to the organization by taking part in the 50/50 for a Cause, each ticket earning a chance to win up to $30,000 at the March 20th draw. Several in-person appearances have already been made in these communities, but Weyburn can look forward to their next one soon.

"On Saturday the 16th, we are tentatively booked to be at the Red Wing game again, and that is our last day of ticket sales. We're hopeful that that is going to be a really wonderful event and hopefully get a lot of tickets sold that day. We can't wait to pick a winner and hopefully give someone $30,000 on the 20th," said Raven Daer, Communications Specialist for Envision Counselling.

The March 20th draw will take place in Estevan, 10:00 a.m., at the Legion. While normally held at the radio station, Daer said the choice to move the draw to the Legion was made to include more community members in the event. Although in-person opportunities to purchase tickets are running out, supporters can still get in before the draw by getting their tickets virtually.

"They are $10 each and we are accepting e-transfer if we are not on location in any specific community that day. Folks are always welcome to just pop on our website, we have all of our information up there, and they can send e-transfers to envisionraffle@gmail.com," explained Daer. "We also want to ensure that everyone is including their full name, phone number and their e-mail in the message box. That way we can send them their electronic tickets as well as notify the winner in the event that one of those electronic tickets is pulled from our drum."

Daer added that Envision has been super thankful for the support shown by local sports teams and businesses who have allowed them to sell tickets on their premises, and that proceeds from this event are going towards the continuation of their free counselling services throughout the Southeast. More information can be found by clicking HERE.