May means baseball is in full swing for Weyburn. The Western Canadian Baseball League begins the last weekend of May and our Beavers welcome fans to Tom Laing Park for their Home Opener on May 27th!  

Ahead of the season, preparations are being made to make the experience at the Ball Park even better and the Beavers are in need of a few things. President of the Weyburn Beaver Garnett Hanson explains “We have been idle for a couple of years, and we are looking to do some different things at the ballpark, we are in need of good condition used fridge. We host deck parties on the deck and we need to keep the cold beverages, on warm summer days. These are things we need and need to get done in the next month.” 

The Beavers are also looking for a few more homes to house American players that will be arriving a few days ahead of the home opener. “That’s a big part of our program. Players come here from all across Canada and the United States, they are typically housed with families here in Weyburn. We need quite a few more families to step up and house these guys for the summer.”  

The upcoming 2022 season will be busy and the players are on the road quite a bit. Hanson shares, “We play 56 games over a two-month period, they really are gone about half the time on the road. There are not a lot of requirements, they need a nice place to sleep and access to food. These guys are all in college, a little bit more independent. They have been living on their own for at least a year, some three years.  

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