Weyburn City Council will be holding their second meeting of the month on Monday night and will have a full agenda for the meeting.  

The meeting includes a pair of proclamations. One will be for Mental Health Week, which will be from May 5th to 12th. The second is for Victims & Survivors of Crim Week, which is May 12th to 18th.  

There are two requests-for-proposal that will be discussed. One is for the installation of traffic signal lights. The RFP was for the intersection of Government Road and 1st Avenue, as well as 16th Street and 1st Avenue. The budget included $350,000 for the installation of the lights at those two intersections, however, the installation at 16th Street is pending funding from the SGI Provincial Traffic Safety Fund.  

The other RFP is for a pair of trailer-mounted message boards. The signs would be for traffic control as well as construction zone safety. In the submission to the council, the Public Works Department noted employees are seeing frequent close calls when dealing with traffic, and it is hoped these signs can help to ensure safety.  

There are three bylaws before the council. One is returning for its second and third readings, while the other two are before the councillors for the first time.  

The returning bylaw is for a lane closure that was requested by Prairie Animal Health Centre. The lane runs through two properties they own. The closure was requested to allow them to consolidate the properties as they prepare to build new facilities.  

The other two bylaws concern the mill rates and base tax. While the increases in the mill rates were previously included in the 2024 municipal budget, the bylaws couldn’t be passed until the provincial budget was delivered. This happened last month and set the mill rate for the education portion of the property taxes. 

Other items included in the agenda this week include a special occasion application for an upcoming rodeo that would run in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show, a home-based business application, and a rural water hookup application.  

We will have full coverage of the meeting of Weyburn City Council starting tomorrow morning.