With only a few months left until Graduation, Weyburn Comp students are looking for some fundraising support. 

"We're holding an auction on Facebook, and the group is called WCS Grad 2024 online auction,” said Grad Committee member Tessa W. “Basically, we're just going to post items and then you're going to bid on them in the comments and then whoever has the highest bid by 7:00 PM on April 28th will win that item.” 

She said that items of all sorts are welcome and they are still accepting donations. 

“If anyone does have an item or anything that they’d like to donate, they can just contact the Facebook page, they can leave a comment or make a post, and then we’ll reach out.” 

She also noted that it’s simple for Weyburnites to get involved. 

“They can go and join the group,” she said. “Share it onto their Facebook pages and just spread it around so we can have lots of people bidding on items.” 

Fundraising is a big part of Grad every year and the funds help out with some of the finishing touches.  

“What money we make from this is going to go to decorations, the photographer, gifts for each grad student and, if we make enough, we can pay for people’s cap and gown rentals.” 

The auction kicks off on April 22nd at 9:00 a.m. and will run until April 28th at 7:00 p.m. 

“Please follow the group and bid."