Cold is the best way to describe the weekend, but it still doesn't do justice to the dip in temperatures that gripped not only Weyburn but most of western Canada over the weekend. 

When the mercury dipped to -35.5° at 4:00 a.m, Sunday morning, it was the coldest Weyburn reached over the weekend. The wind chill at times, though, made it feel a lot colder. The winds made it feel like -50 or colder at times. 

As cold as it was, no records were set in Weyburn over the weekend. The closest we came to setting a record was Friday morning. The temperature reached -34.1°, which made it the coldest January 12th in 50 years. 

While Weyburn didn't set any records, some communities in the province weren't as lucky. In Assiniboia, the temperature dropped to -38.6° Saturday morning, which was a new record. The coldest it reached in terms of new records was in Leader, where the temperature early Saturday morning was -45.9°. 

The cold weather was hard on vehicles, and the blowing snow didn't help with highway conditions, with several vehicles left in ditches on highways in the area. People were volunteering on social media to come out and help boost cars that wouldn't start, and even the short walk from the front door to the car door would see people putting on multiple layers. 

While the temperatures were frigidly cold, there is a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. The average daytime high for this time of year is around -11°. By the weekend, Environment Canada is expecting temperatures to start to get back up towards that mark. 

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