“I’ve been seeding yellow peas here for the last week, and our moisture conditions are depleting very quickly, and there’s no reserve moisture down below the topsoil like we had last spring from that heavy snow.” 

Weyburn area farmer Dale Paslawski described the conditions he has been seeing as he started his seeding for the 2024 growing season. April has seen very little precipitation in southeast Saskatchewan, with Weyburn measuring just 1.6 millimetres so far this month. The forecast for the last day of the month, however, could change that, with upwards of 15 millimetres expected.  

“I’d say that rain right now is a positive thing,” Paslawski said. “It’ll help with weed growth, warming the soil.” 

For most of the crops, seeding generally gets started around the first week of May, and a little later for crops such as canola, as producers wait for the soil to get to an optimal temperature. This year, the dry conditions and the warm days have allowed those who are planning pulses, in particular peas and lentils, to get an early start.  

“We’re just over 20 percent done seeding,” Paslawski said of his progress so far. “I got friends and neighbours that are 30 to 40 percent done seeding already. Lentils are going in big time this year, so the rain coming is actually a blessing, and we’re looking forward to it.” 

The timing of the rain is also good for a pause for those who have been in the field. Paslawski noted it gives a chance for farmers to catch up on maintenance, adjust equipment, and make changes to the seeding plans for the year. 

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