Outside of the holiday seasons, donations at the Weyburn Salvation Army Food Bank slow down at times, but the demand for their services remains at the same level. Heading into the second half of spring, there is currently a need for certain items at the food bank.  

“We are getting short on kids’ snacks, canned tomatoes, cereal and canned meat,” explained Nicole Strickland. She is the community services worker at the Weyburn Salvation Army.  

Canned meats covers everything from tuna and corned beef to canned chicken and canned ham.  

When it comes to the snacks for kids, which are primarily for school lunches but also make for good snacks for kids on any day, Strickland said while they welcome all donations, the family-sized packs aren’t always the best way for them to get the most out of a donation.  

“The smaller boxes, the better,” she noted. “That way, we don’t have to break them down, and we can serve more families that way.” 

Donations can be made at the Weyburn Salvation Army Food Bank, or in collection bins found in retailers in the community.