The unsettled skies over southeast Saskatchewan over the weekend and into the day today are expected to make way for some sunshine this week, but more precipitation could be on the way behind it.  

Weyburn itself did miss most of the precipitation on Sunday, with other areas, including Estevan, getting some thunderstorms. There is a good chance, though, that the next wave of precipitation won’t miss Weyburn, according to Natalie Hasell. She is a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada.  

“Models are not totally in agreement yet with exactly how much precipitation we’re going to get, but as you know, if we’re talking about periods of rain showers, there’s probably going to be embedded thunderstorms in there,” Hasell stated. “So, it wouldn’t be very surprising to have some pretty significant precipitation amounts, but more likely on the local scale as it’ll depend on where the thunderstorms kind of line up.” 

Those systems are expected to move in starting Wednesday evening, with showers being forecast for the time being, and a good chance of the rain continuing Thursday and Friday.  

Around the systems that bring the precipitation, though, are some warmer-than-average temperatures and sunshine, according to Environment Canada. Daytime highs are projected to get as high as 28° by the end of the weekend.  

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