The Weyburn Humane Society has scheduled its yearly general meeting for Monday, January 22, during which nominations and voting for the 2024/25 board will be conducted. 

President, Randy Bakaluk shares the particulars, “Our annual AGM that we hold every year to give our members our review of what's happened in the past year and also to elect vacant positions on our board.” 

Membership will also be available, regular membership is $15.00, family membership is $20.00 and allows for two members of the family living at the same address voting privileges, and senior membership is 65 years or older for $10.00. 

Bakaluk clarified that to be eligible for voting rights, memberships must be obtained at least 50 days prior to the election. Nevertheless, individuals interested in running for the new board can still acquire their membership on the evening of the event. 

Bakaluk extends a warm invitation to all attendees, encouraging community members to gain insights into the shelter's activities and pose any questions they may have. 

The meeting will be held at Weyburn Travelodge in the Conference Room and will begin at 7 p.m. on Monday, January 22. 

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