Crews have started work on a major infrastructure project in Weyburn. They are rebuilding, and expanding, the intersection of 1st Avenue Northeast (Highway 13) and 16th Street. The work started Thursday with some underground work that required 16th Street to be closed, but the work will be expanding in the coming days.  

“Starting on August 29th, Tuesday, the closure will be expanded to include the closure of 1st Avenue,” explained Paige Tenbult. She is the communications coordinator for the City of Weyburn. Detours will be set up around the construction site for both local traffic and highway traffic. 

Detour map for local trafficMotorists are asked to follow the detours for local traffic. 
Detour map for highway trafficHighway traffic is asked to follow these detours. 

The project is a major one, with a rebuild of the road surface, as well as the addition of turning lanes which are intended to ease congestion at the intersection. There will also be the expansion of the paving to include the shoulders of the road, which are currently just gravel. 

The work is expected to last three weeks, weather permitting. 

Tenbult recommends those who will need to drive through the area to get the Voyent Alert system app from the City of Weyburn to keep abreast of the latest details concerning the construction and any road restrictions that come up.  

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