The Weyburn Legion's first Hawaiian Luau was a fun time for all who took in the inaugural feast and festivities.

"It was a lot of fun and, while not sold out, we will be adding it to our list of yearly events," shared Secretary Manager Debbie Kater. "With approximately 70 people in attendance, many of them families, we feel we were successful in what we are trying to do and show that the Weyburn Legion is still a place to make new memories for all ages, from all walks of life."

Kater said they have had nothing but positive feedback, "from the venue, to the meal, to the volunteers, which is encouraging especially when we saw many new faces in the group. It was fantastic!"

She thanked Western Prime Meats for donating, cooking, and delivering the roast pig, which was carved by Mike Souther.

"He insured the pig was perfectly cut and everyone in the line made it through quickly."

"Korryn Kubashek who was wonderful as a Master of Ceremonies," Kater noted. "She kept the party going and even managed to convince people that they wanted to Hula or Limbo. Thanks to Mayor [Marcel Roy] and Femi Roy for their Hula and Limbo judging."

She also thanked, "Kat Erickson from Kat & Fuel Tattoos painted the faces of many smiling kids and adults," and, "Thanks to our regular volunteers and staff from the Legion who made sure that everyone had food and drinks. They are both fun and professional and a charm to work with."

"Finally, thanks to everyone who came out and participated in the entire evening right down to the hula and the limbo! This is what happens when a community meets to just enjoy each other."

She added that this is just one example of the comradery of the Legion.

The photo gallery below was originally published HERE.