Emergency services responded to a blaze near the intersection of Highways 13 and 39 on Tuesday night. First on the scene was a Weyburn Police Officer, discovering a trailer becoming engulfed in flames near the Co-op Gas Bar. Glen Cameron was refueling his truck when a short between the four deep-cycle batteries on board his trailer caused a meltdown, leading to the fire. Cameron managed to pull his trailer away from the fuel pumps before the flames grew too large, but it became quickly apparent that he would lose his home for the past 8 years. 

At this point, the Officer was able to assist Cameron by rescuing his beloved dog, Ginger, from the cab of his truck, despite the danger of fire licking at the exposed 30lb propane tanks just a few feet away. While attempting to save what he could and mitigate the damage caused by his burning trailer, Cameron suffered a burnt scalp and smoke inhalation which he received treatment for at the Weyburn General Hospital. Once the blaze was extinguished by fire crews, Cameron received generous donations of room and board from his supervisor, with another coworker taking Ginger until proper accommodations could be found. By the next day, Cameron's supervisor had found a house with a yard for him and Ginger to stay in until they get back on their feet. 

"I'm just trying to focus on the little things right now," shared Cameron. "I went to our trailer yesterday, our home for the last 8 years, and about 80% of our stuff was consumed by the fire, but there are some things I can salvage."

GC"It's the little things, like finding my keys with the key tag that my daughter gave me, that give me hope."

Cameron had been visiting Weyburn for treatments to his leg injury which has had him out of work before the fire took place. 

"I was trying to get my old overhead door business back up and running again," said Cameron, "and have stretched myself thin mentally, physically and financially. One day at a time. I can't work 'til December sometime due to my leg injury/infection but I plan to be ready to hit the ground running as soon as the doc says I'm able. [But] the people of Weyburn have been amazing... This experience has given me renewed hope for humanity. There really are a lot of great people out there!"

Despite the emotional loss, the most important thing to Cameron is that no lives were lost. Following the support he has received, he shares his sincere thanks with everyone who helped him through the incident.

"I want to thank the Weyburn police, especially the guy in the white Yukon who ran back to my truck to rescue Ginger, my dog, even with him knowing there was 60 pounds of propane in the fire only a few feet from him. The Weyburn Fire Department did a great job getting the fire under control, and I would like to thank all of them. Also, the staff at Weyburn General Hospital have been absolutely amazing through this leg infection and caring for me after the fire. So please, thank all these fine folks, too!"

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