The Federal government recently repealed amendments that were made to Bill C-21, pending firearms legislation that would have made owning many types of firearms illegal. 

Robert Kitchen, Member of Parliament for Souris-Moose Mountain, said that G4 and G46 were two amendments that were put in there and "ultimately, it just continues to show how flawed this legislation is."  

"You know, they continually said that this wasn't an issue and you know, they waited until the last minute to bring these amendments to the fore. When the legislation first came out, it was all about guns and then they brought up the issue of hunting rifles and banning millions of them." 

Kitchen said that the Federal government "at least listened to the backlash that they've got on this and how it has a huge impact on our hunters and our farmers, and our sports shooters and what they put forward." 

He went on to say that we need to be putting funds towards our Canada Border Service Agency "so they can do the issues, and for our policing services to do what they need to do because it's smuggled guns that are coming into this country that need to be addressed more so."

Kitchen added that in some ways it's good to see that there's been some reaction and the amendments have been withdrawn, but there's still the rest of the piece of the legislation, which is currently sitting at committee, and he says we'll see what actually gets brought back to the house.