Three separate incidents in Weyburn last Tuesday all had a common theme – intoxication.  

Over the course of a few hours, the Weyburn Police Service had three separate calls about people who were believed to be, at least in the case of one of the calls, heavily intoxicated.  

The first call came in about a person who was said to be staggering along the road as they walked. Officers found the man, and he was said to be extremely intoxicated. Officers brought him in, and he was lodged in cells until he was sober.  

Later that night, two more calls came in about two more people who were intoxicated. One of the reports even stated someone was lying in the middle of the road. Officers would find both of the individuals in question, and one was given a ride home, while the other was held in cells until they were sober.  

In all three instances, there were no charges laid or tickets issued.  

The calls were three of the 82 calls for service the WPS received last week. Of those calls, four resulted in charges under the Criminal Code, six under the Traffic Safety Act, and two under the Vehicle Equipment Regulations.