A few incidents of hit and run were reported in Weyburn last week, where people returned to their parked vehicle to find it was damaged.  

Someone witnessed one of the incidents, and took note of the licence plate number of the offending vehicle. The matter is under investigation. 

“We would like to think that everybody, if they know that they bumped into another vehicle or caused any damage, that they would stop and contact that owner and exchange the information,” Deputy Police Chief Brent VanDeSype said. “But there are incidents where they either aren’t aware or they try to get away with it, then they leave.” 

VanDeSype said that if you ever discover that someone damaged your car and fled the scene, it’s best to contact the police. 

“Even if you're in doubt, contact the police and we'll let them know if this is a case that should be investigated, or if it's a case that they can just exchange information and deal with their insurance companies.” 

Anyone witnessing a collision of any type is encouraged to contact the Weyburn Police Service.