The Victoria Day long weekend is unofficially here, with many people opting to take an extra day off on the Friday before starting on the kick-off to summer by heading out to the campground, the cottage, or just a road trip to visit friends and family. 

With so many people going out, the Weyburn Police Service has a few reminders for everyone so that the weekend is a safe and enjoyable one.  

“If you’re going to be out and about driving on the highways, please don’t drive distracted,” said Constable Lisa Robertson. “Give yourself extra time to get to your destination safely. The roads will be busier than normal.” 

With so many people heading out to the lake, or a cottage, Cst. Robertson urged people to slow down and put away their cell phones. As well, as police often stress every long weekend, don’t drive while impaired, be it by alcohol or drugs.  

“Always plan a safe ride or a way to get home once you have been out with friends,” Cst. Robertson stated.  

For those who are going to be leaving for the weekend, Cst. Robertson also recommended making sure everything is secure at home. This includes ensuring everything is locked, including garages and sheds. As well, leave a light on in the home so it appears someone is at home at night. 

“If you have some neighbours that you trust, advise them you’re going to be gone for a few days,” Cst. Robertson recommended. “Neighbourhood watch always makes just a better community. If everybody watches out for each other, if you see something suspicious, let the police know. We’ll check into it.” 

Aside from that advice, Cst. Robertson is hoping everyone is safe, smart, and has a good weekend.