The Weyburn Police Service had a busy and varied week last week. Over the span of January 23rd to 29th, they had 70 calls for service. Of those calls, there were 11 charges – three under the Criminal Code of Canada and eight under the Traffic Safety Act. 

Some of the incidents highlighted by the WPS in their weekly release: 

Officers were called to a local motel when a man who was no longer renting a room refused to leave. The officers responded to the scene and spoke to the man, who then left without further incident.  

There was another call about someone not leaving when they were supposed to at a local business. In this case, it was a man who was not welcome in the store due to behaviour during a previous visit. Police say the man was aware he was banned from the store but went anyway. After speaking with the officers, he left willingly.  

Police also responded to a call regarding a domestic dispute. The report was made by a complainant who heard loud yelling and crying. Officers on the scene helped to resolve the matter as one of the people agreed to stay somewhere else for the night, and to discuss the situation at a later time.  

A collision on 1st Avenue North also required police assistance. The two-vehicle collision was caused, according to police, when a driver failed to yield and was struck by an oncoming vehicle while trying to turn left off of 1st Avenue North. The occupants of the vehicles were not injured, but there was significant damage to both of the vehicles, and they needed to be towed from the scene. The driver who failed to yield was charged with driving without due care and attention, and driving without a valid driver’s license. 

Some of the other calls that the Weyburn Police Service responded to included alarms, domestic disturbances, suspicious people and vehicles, mental health concerns, wellbeing checks, harassing communications, and a number of bylaw concerns including animals and parking.