A two-vehicle collision last Wednesday resulting in significant damage to both vehicles. EMS and Fire Services were also on the scene of the incident, which took place at the intersection of Highway 39 and 16th Street. One driver was in need of medical attention.

Sergeant Shane St. John with the Weyburn Police Service said a driver was charged for proceeding from a stop sign before it was safe to do so.

"They proceeded before safe from a stop sign, and luckily nobody got hurt. It was a rather severe accident, just minor injuries, but there was a traffic charge on that accident," he shared.

Aside from the vehicle being a total right off, and the stop sign ticket, St. John noted the driver at fault will also have to deal with the deduction of points from SGI. 

"They're responsible now for the damage to both vehicles," he noted. "In hindsight., it's easy to say, but just always be aware of your surroundings when driving and drive as safe as you can."

St. John said with the warmer weather, the WPS is getting a lot of driving complaints of excessive speed. 

"So please report that if you have that in your neighborhood, if it's happening, then we can watch that area, if there is a lot of speeding happening in your area."

He said citizens are, "pretty good at reporting that, but try to get a plate number that's key and then call it in vehicle description, make, direction."

With the warmer weather also means more pedestrians are out walking, which is why it is also so important to report any suspicious driving activity to police.