A parked vehicle running for a long time with someone passed out in the drivers' seat in the early hours of Thursday morning prompted a call to the Weyburn Police Service. 

Sergeant Shane St. John said a small amount of drugs was seized and the man was charged with impaired operation of a conveyance. 

“Passed out behind the wheel, suspected drugs there was drug paraphernalia and drugs in plain sight, so the person was given a standard field sobriety test, which they did poorly on, which then they do a drug recognition expert comes in and they do a test and the subject failed. So, then they're charged with impaired driving.” 

The man was released with an upcoming court date. 

When asked about the abnormal behavior of the man, St. John mentions certain behavior patterns of people struggling with addiction. 

“Sometimes someone's up for a long time and they've been using for many days, and we see that a lot unfortunately and you see with alcohol as well. That's care in control, vehicle running, keys in the ignition. It's the same as driving while impaired.” 

St. John says it was hard drugs used in this instance. When discussing cannabis and impairment, he makes an important distinction. 

“It's legal if you just use common sense, same as alcohol. If you think you've drank too much, do not drive. If you've used a lot of cannabis, do not drive. It's the same thing. Now, of course, if you have cocaine in your system, there's zero tolerance. You can't have any in your system and you will be found impaired.”