Environment and Climate Change Canada is continuing to look into the possibility of tornadoes having touched down in Saskatchewan during the storm outbreak that affected much of the province Sunday.  

In a summary released Monday, they noted there were reports of tornadoes near Radisson, Aberdeen, Gravelbourg, Bayne, and Middle Lake. So far, none of those have been confirmed as tornadoes touching down but they are investigating further. They do ask if anyone has pictures of the suspected tornadoes, or the damage caused by them, to reach out via email (storm@ec.gc.ca) or to post on social media using the tag #skstorm.  

The size of the hail reported throughout the province varied quite extensively, even within the same storm cell. The first reports of hail were from the Maymont area, between Saskatoon and North Battleford, where it was said to be around the size of a nickel. Loonie-sized hail was reported near Kenosee Lake just before 5:00 p.m., and the largest hail stones reported before evening were from Jackfish Lake, where the hail was the size of golf balls. 

Starting around 8:30 p.m. quarter and loonie-sized hail was reported in the Ogema area. The same storm cell was also responsible for golf ball to baseball-sized hail in the Midale and Estevan areas later that night. Interestingly, the same system passed over Weyburn, but no significant hail was reported in the city itself.  

The top wind speed gusts recorded in the province during the storms were recorded in Weyburn, where gusts capped at 113 kilometres an hour. Gusts of 87 kilometres an hour were also recorded just a short bit to the northwest, in Yellow Grass.  

Official rainfall measurements show just 4.9 millimetres of rain fell on Weyburn during the storms Sunday. Unofficially, measurements for the Weyburn area were closer to 13 millimetres. Meadow Lake recorded the highest rainfall of any centre in the province, as 26.1 millimetres fell there.  

Sunshine is expected to dominate the skies for at least the next 48 hours, with just a slight chance of showers this evening. By the time the weekend rolls around, though, Weyburn could see more cloudy skies, cooler temperatures, and rain.  

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