Jubilee Park will be one of the busiest places in Weyburn today, as children from the city’s schools converge on the park for an event to mark National Indigenous Peoples Day.  

“This has been in the works for a really long time, and we were hoping that with the issues that the teachers are having with the government that we were still going to be able to get the go-ahead,” said Weyburn City Councillor Laura Morrissette. She is the city representative on the group that helped to make the day possible. “We’re really, really glad the teachers are still on board with this because it is happening during school hours.” 

The events start at 10 this morning, with students from Grades K to 4 coming from Legacy Park Elementary, St. Mike’s School, and Assiniboia Park Elementary. They will be taking in a number of events ranging from a tipi raising to other educational events.  

Not all of the events are open to the public at the park, Morrissette noted, saying the kids did have to sign up in advance for some of these events as there is a limit on materials.  

“There’s lawn games, a moccasin game, Indigenous yoga, a nature scavenger hunt,” the city councillor mentioned as some of the events in place. As well, Regan Lanning, the City of Weyburn’s curator, is putting up a Treat 4 timeline walk for people to take part in.  

The event is being held in collaboration with Indigenous nations from the Weyburn area.  

The official National Indigenous Peoples Day is on June 21st. The event is being held today to allow for different activities to take place on the official day. Some of the events planned for next Friday include a drumming circle featuring Eagle Claw at Crescent Point Place. That event is being put on by the Weyburn Lacrosse Association.