It's May Clay month for local students at the Weyburn Art Gallery.

"This program has been running since the early 80s, so we're generations in at this point. We have made monsters most years," said City Curator Regan Lanning. 

She said this year, however, they are not making monsters. 

"This year we are making flowers out of clay, and we're about 200 flowers in," said Lanning. "It's going wonderful. It will continue for the rest of this week, next week we have a breather and then the following week it continues."

Another necessary change this year has also had to be made due to unfortunate circumstances. The flower creations will not be put on display in the gallery.

"Last year, a lot of our monsters went missing during the display in the gallery, so that was difficult when it came time to package them up and return them to kids because some kids' monsters had gone missing," she explained. 

"I don't know how they went missing and maybe they grew legs, I don't know. But it's a good reminder that you can't just help yourself to stuff that is on display in the gallery."

Lanning said because they lost around 20 clay monster creations last year, "We are not going to be putting the May Clay creations on display anymore, which is really just sad."

She noted they opened May Clay up to all grades this year and got groups from pre-K to Grade 6. Additionally, a few groups are coming in from Grades 7 to 9, who will be making coffee mugs.