For many organizations in Weyburn, volunteers are integral to their success. One of these organizations is the Richardson Pioneer Weyburn Red Wings. For every season, hundreds of volunteer hours are needed to make it a success, from the people working to help take tickets, to those selling 50/50 tickets, to those handling security.  

While the volunteers are integral to the team's success, part of the team’s success also comes from the players being involved in the community as well, through various activities they volunteer for each year.  

“Since the day I got hired, it was going to be a staple of mine that we were going to be involved in the community,” said head coach Cody Mapes after the 2023-24 campaign wrapped up. “We’ve definitely checked that box over the last three seasons here.” 

The players will spend time with other community organizations, such as making visits to The Family Place, volunteering their time with minor hockey teams, and much more. The role the team takes in the community is something Mapes highlights when he is speaking to the parents of prospective players.  

“They want their kids involved in the community, and they want this to be more than just about hockey, and that’s what we’ve done here,” Mapes elaborated. 

“If you want to be a well0rounded person that’s going to be set up for success after hockey, whenever that may be, whether that’s when you’re 21 or 31, Weyburn’s a great place to come and grow as a person, and be involved in the community, and just learn and meet new people.” 

Cooperation in the community is also key, and Mapes extended his gratitude to the organizations that allow the players to come out. 

“They’ve always stepped up, and sometimes it’s a little one-hour thing, and sometimes it’s something we go and do every single week with certain organizations,” Mapes added. “That’s obviously very exciting for us, and that won’t change as long as I’m here.” 

This week is Volunteer Week in Saskatchewan. Every day this week, we will be highlighting volunteers in the community, and how they help to make Weyburn the city that it is.