With the autumn season comes the hunting season, and the Weyburn Wildlife Federation kicked off the hunting season on Saturday with a pancake breakfast.

President Larry Olfert said archery season is underway, and it's open season on a number of birds including pheasants.

"There are some of the draws that haven't happened yet, like the Moose draw, but it's just a busy time of year. Lots of people are having a lot of success out there, with Elk, Mule Deer, and White-Tail Deer. we've just had a lot of reports of really good hunting."

The Ministry of Environment has extended the fall black bear season to October 31st, but Olfert said they don't usually venture into our area.

"They will pass through sometimes, like last year, there was one reported in Fillmore, one in Stoughton, but in Moose Mountain Provincial Park, there are lots of bears there, all through the Pipestone Valley up to Qu'Appelle Valley. There are lots of bears. You just don't see them."

He reminds hunters can drop off animal heads, or a sample from the brain, for CWD testing at the deep freeze just outside the WWF Clubhouse on Highway 35.