In the past few years, the childhood pastime of bean bag toss has evolved into a beloved activity for adults, gaining popularity under the name Corn Hole. Last November, a group of Weyburn residents organized a Corn Hole tournament to support the Weyburn Legion, and the enthusiastic response has led to the establishment of a Corn Hole league scheduled to commence in February. 

“It started as a funder, having a Corn Hole tournament to help support the Legion keep their doors open, and it involved into people saying we need to get a league going. So, I took the initiative along with Connie Fowler and Deanna and Marty Johnson are also helping. So yeah, we've started a league, and the response has been phenomenal,” shared organizer Laurie Blacquier. 

While the objective is to have a successful league, Blacquier shares that this is not the league’s primary goal. 

“It's about keeping the doors of the Legion open. I believe the Legion is a big part of our world, not just our community, our world. It's sad to see that these places are closing to honor our veterans who have offered us what we have in life today. For me, that's what it's about, keeping the Legion alive for future generations.” 

Blacquier explains that the support from local businesses has been extremely positive. 

“The community support from the businesses in this town has been phenomenal. I've had businesses phone me and they asked me if they could put up a sponsorship of $600 to get their name on a bean bag board and there'll also be banners put up in both the Legion and the Rival Cage for everybody that has sponsored.” 

Two leagues are scheduled, one on Monday nights and the other on Thursday nights. The season is set to kick off on Monday, February 5th, and Thursday, February 8th, and will run for three consecutive months. The number of members per team is two to four players, and registration is $150 per person, but members may pay $50 per month if needed. 

Available sponsorship opportunities remain, and individuals interested in either joining the league or becoming sponsors can reach out to Laurie Blacquier at (306) 861-0044, registration deadline is January 25th. To stay up to date with the Corn Hole League you can join its Facebook group