Snow, slush, sleet and ice.  

While the return of the four horsemen of the winter is inevitable each year, it is something no one is ever looking forward to. With the return of winter-like conditions, though, comes some timely reminders from the Weyburn Police Service. 

Deputy Police Chief Brent VandeSype shared a few of the reminders with Discover Weyburn. They include having good visibility by making sure the windows on the vehicle are clear of snow and frost. As well, drive to the road conditions. 

“If it’s slippery, slow down, adjust your speed, be aware of others,” VanDeSype reminded. “They may not be adjusting the speed as they should. If you have winter tires, now is the time to put them on.” 

For those who are heading out onto the highway, VanDeSype recommended having an abundance of warm clothing, as well as carrying a little heat source for the vehicle in case it is needed. As well, always let people know where you are travelling, and don’t travel if it isn’t necessary when the road conditions start to deteriorate.  

Despite all the best precautions, sometimes collisions can happen though. What is the best course of action in the case of a collision? 

“If you’re involved in a collision in the city, report it to the police if you’re not sure,” the deputy chief explained. “If it’s a minor fender bender, and there’s no criminal activity involved, if there’s no alcohol or injuries involved, then you can just report it to SGI.” 

The snow that hit the province Tuesday morning did catch a number of people unaware. Throughout the province, the RCMP responded to more than 36 collisions in an 11-hour span.  

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