The Weyburn Mountain Bikers Club has a new name: the Weyburn Trails Association.   

"We're back in full swing," shared Mike Manko-Bauche, adding that they held their Annual General Meeting in March.

Located just south of River Park, and the organization has built and created mountain bike trails, which are also getting plenty of use by joggers and hikers.

As the weather is changing, the group will be hosting their first Work Bee of the season tomorrow (Saturday, April 13th) on the trails from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. and all trail enthusiasts are welcome to join them.

"Feel free to come and go as you please," said Manko-Bauche. "I will bring plenty of hand tools. You should bring your own PPE (gloves, goggles, sun screen) and water and snacks. Once we have a devoted team, we'll include these for future work-bees."

With this first work bee, he said they plan to tackle Cookie Dough with some dirt work, including giving a more shallow turn to the first berm; building up a wider path and higher berm on the second berm; making the third berm higher, and adjusting the fourth berm.

On Cherry Strudel, they'll dig down to the dirt, get rid of the bump after the drop and clear the chunky path to the top of the hill.

They'll also smooth out the connector trail along the ravine.

"Meet at the top parking lot by the Heritage Village. If you come later, go for a walk to find us, but likely we'll be visible from the top."

Find the group on Facebook HERE. The event can be found HERE.