Yesterday we told you about Weyburn's new police dog, Oakley, who will soon head for her drug dog training.

Oakley comes from a long line of drug dogs, and is one of seven pups resulting from artificial insemination through the Winnipeg Police Service's in-house breeding program. 

Oakley's legendary father "Judge" spent 10 years working with the Winnipeg Police Service, conducting over 500 arrests during his career. 

"I've seen that dog in action and I've actually seen that dog take people down on the street, the guys that were doing some stuff that they shouldn't have been doing," said Weyburn Police Chief Jamie Blunden, who worked with Judge in Winnipeg. 

"It's an amazing thing to watch. The dog has got so much drive. You know when I watched him take an individual down, that was running from the police, a gang member that was wanted for very serious crimes, trying to run away. And, you know, the dog, you're just not gonna run away from the dog," he shared.

"The dog himself was able to detect people, saved many lives," told Blunden. "We had done some gun work and we were searching a house, we had an individual who was hiding in the basement with a gun. Judge was able to go down and indicate that the guy was there, and it obviously saved the lives of some of our members going down because that person was waiting behind the stairs with a gun for other members to come down. And so a very valuable tool to the police service."

"I know Oakley's going to be special."

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