The South Saskatchewan Lacrosse League is heading into the final weekend of the regular season, with the provincial playoff tournaments held in Weyburn from June 21st to 23rd. While there could be a wild weekend of action on the lacrosse floor as teams jockey for position in the standings, they have been busy so far this month. Here is a recap of how the Weyburn teams in the SSLL (and PGLL) have done so far this month: 

U11 Weyburn Credit Union Thrashers (5-6-0) 

June 5 – Weyburn 2 @ QCMBL Grizzlies 4 
June 13 – Weyburn @ QCMBL Crush 

The U11 squad has had just one game so far this month, with one more left on the schedule as they head to Regina to play the QCMBL Crush tonight. The U11 Thrashers have shown a lot of talent this year, with Owen Eberle leading the way with 12 goals in 10 games. Bennett Baumgartner has added six more himself, with Jett Fox and Henry Riviere scoring four each on the season. And James Watson three. Dexter Grey, Ryder Moon, and Maclean Hillstead are all members of the two-goal club, with Mirabelle Leroux also adding a goal.  

U13 Weyburn Security Thrashers (5-2-2) 

June 3 – Weyburn 5 @ Moose Jaw Black Mustangs 5 
June 10 – Weyburn Security Thrashers 3 @ Young’s Equipment Thrashers 1 
June 11 – QCMBL Riot Squad 3 @ Weyburn 4 
June 12 – Moose Jaw Black Mustangs 7 @ Weyburn 3 
June 17 – Weyburn @ QCMBL Vipers 
June 19 – Young's Equipment Thrashers @ Weyburn Security Thrashers 

The Weyburn Security Thrashers have been a strong team all season, led by Julie Lebrecque, who has amassed 20 goals, and 30 points, in ten games this season. She has the second most goals in the league this year (tied with Cohen Baumgartner of the Young’s Equipment Thrashers) and is the top point-getter in the league. Ryder Stepp has also been instrumental offensively, with 11 goals of his own. AP Simon Wawro has six goals, and Cruz Carter has four. AP Felix Wawro has chipped in three goals this season as well. Paislee Besharah has two goals herself, with Nash Missal, Mason Bjorklund, Holden Treble, Bree Tuchsherer and Ben Cote also finding the back of the net this season.  

U13 Young’s Equipment Thrashers (6-4-0) 

June 10 – Weyburn Security Thrashers 3 @ Young’s Equipment Thrashers 1 
June 12 – Weyburn 11 @ QCMBL Vipers 0 
June 17 – Weyburn @ Moose Jaw Black Mustangs 
June 19 – Young's Equipment Thrashers @ Weyburn Security Thrashers 

Cohen Baumgartner has been leading the way for the Young’s Equipment Thrashers with 20 goals on the season, tied for second in the league with Julie Lebrecque. The squad has played strong all year, with Landon Laroux and Harrison Baumgartner chipping in six goals each this year, and Cooper Dammann adding five. Gabe Holland has scored three this season, while Bentley Wilson, Jep Furgason and Judd Vennard have a pair of goals each. Coy Svedahl has also scored a goal this season.  

U15 Young Fellows Thrashers (5-4-1) 

June 8 – Moose Jaw Mustangs 5 @ Weyburn 0 
June 11 – QCMBL Waterdogs 5 @ Weyburn 4 
June 13 – QCMBL Waterdogs @ Weyburn 
June 18 – Completely Branded Thrashers @ Young Fellows Thrashers 

To say the Young Fellows Thrashers have been a force to reckon with this season is an understatement. They have been one of the toughest teams to beat in the league this season, with the team holding their opponents to just over three goals a game all season long. Their 33 goals against are the lowest in the league, thanks to stellar play in the crease by Quinton Stinson, and strong defence from the runners in front of him. The league's top goal scorer, Hudson Maloney, has potted 23 goals this season in just eight games played, with Shiloh Mickler also helping with 11 goals himself. Korven Pouteaux has scored five goals, while Nathan Rosengren has three. Evrhet Schenher has scored twice this season, and Stinson (playing a game as a runner) has one goal, as does Maci Patterson.  

U15 Completely Branded Thrashers (6-4) 

June 3 – Weyburn 9 @ QCMBL Waterdogs 3 
June 8 – QCMBL Snipers 2 @ Weyburn 8 
June 8 – QCMBL Waterdogs 2 @ Weyburn 9 
June 18 – Completely Branded Thrashers @ Young Fellows Thrashers 
June 19 – QCMBL Snipers @ Weyburn 

The Completely Brand Thrashers had a tough start to the season, but have really turned things around as of late. Where the Young Fellow Thrashers have been a defensive wall this season, the Completely Branded Thrashers have become an offensive juggernaut with the second-highest goals against in the league, led by the trio of Leo Missal, Chayse Willoughby, and Maddox Mohan. They have combined for 49 of the team’s 69 goals this season (18, 16 and 15, respectively). They aren’t alone in the goal scoring, though, with Ozmun Steele also reaching the double-digits in goals with 11 on the campaign. Nash Fabre has three so far, with Liam Eddy adding two, and Hunter Moon and Chloe Tuchsherer adding one each. 

U17 Panther Drilling Thrashers 

June 1 – Weyburn 6 @ Swift Current Rampage 5 
June 1 – Weyburn 0 @ Swift Current Rampage 9 
June 5 – Weyburn 4 @ Moose Jaw Mustangs 8 
June 18 – Moose Jaw Mustangs @ Weyburn 

The Panther Drilling Thrashers have been competitive all season long, and have been led by some strong performances up front all year. Brody Morrice leads the team with 14 goals in 11 games. His numbers also have him sitting third in goals scored amongst all players in the league. Alex Labrecque has also been a key figure in helping the scoring, adding 10 himself, with Max Vennard netting nine. Nash Hignett and James Ashworth have three goals each, with Wyatt Mickler, Branson Law, Callie Dammann, Tayven Nordin, and Kaleb Sheasby scoring two each. Also scoring this season is Nicholas Forsyth. The Panther Drilling Thrashers will look to finish the season strong on Tuesday in their final regular season game.  

U22 Weyburn Razorbacks 

June 1 – Weyburn 4 @ Swift Current 11 
June 9 – Prince Albert 17 @ Weyburn 1 
June 21 – Weyburn @ Moose Jaw Mustangs 
June 22 – Moose Jaw Mustangs @ Weyburn 
June 26 – Weyburn @ Regina Barracudas 

The Razorbacks are the youngest team in the PGLL and have put up competitive efforts on the floor, even if it hasn’t translated into wins in the standings. There have been some big bright spots on the roster, in particular the play of goalies Kaylee Perry and Matthew Charlton. AP call-up Kalib Roy has also been strong in his appearances so far this year. 

Offensively, Ryder Hignett has led the way, scoring 14 goals so far this season. He has been helped out on the offensive side of the floor by Sam Borschowa and Jack Missal, who have six goals each. Also contributing to the goal-scoring this year have been Nick Huntley and Landon Redman with four each. Blacke Becker and Hunter Willoughby have two goals each, while Marshall Yuzicappi and Aiden Guest have one each.