For a number of people from Weyburn and the surrounding area, Tuesday will be a day they remember for years to come.  

The Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal investiture ceremony was held Tuesday afternoon at the Weyburn Legion, and there were over 45 recipients of all ages, from all walks of life, honoured for their service to the community, be it volunteerism, public service, social service, protective services, military service, or sport.  

One of the recipients of the award is Pete Broccolo, who was nominated for his volunteer efforts throughout the community. He received a phone call from Weyburn-Big Muddy MLA Dustin Duncan to let him know he was receiving the award earlier this month, and thought at first Duncan was joking with him. 

“I had to stop for a minute, thank him of course, and then I thought, wow, really happy, very humble to be able to get it,” Broccolo said after the ceremony.  

Former Weyburn Mayor Debra Button was surprised by the call as well. 

“I think the first words out of my mouth were ‘What? Why?’, then he went on to explain it a little bit,” Button told Discover Weyburn. “It’s a complete honour and I’m truly humbled to be here amongst so many deserving people today.” 

Of the over 50 awards, ten were nominated through the City of Weyburn.  

“It says that we have a lot of very good community spirit here, and that's something that we've always known,” related Weyburn Mayor Marcel Roy. “We as a City Council have always known; we as a city have always known.” 

The remaining awards were presented through nominations received by the office of Dustin Duncan. 

“First and foremost, there's so many well deserving people in this community and in the surrounding communities that I know for people that were nominating individuals, it was a difficult choice of who to actually nominate, just because there’s so many good choices,” Duncan explained. “We are known for volunteerism in this particular community, in this area, and so I’m really delighted to be able to recognize individuals that have given so much and in so many different areas.” 

Here is the complete list of recipients: 

  • Myron Fletcher 
  • Abby Kradovill 
  • Dr. Alain Lenferna de la Motte 
  • Twyla Molnar 
  • Scott Moffat 
  • Jerry Ponto 
  • Stan Runne 
  • Erskine Sandiford 
  • Fred Sandeski 
  • Jordan Szczecinksi 
  • Margot Arnold 
  • Debra Ashby 
  • Peter Broccolo 
  • Terry Benning 
  • Debra Button 
  • Kristin Caldwell 
  • Tanya Cameron 
  • Marilyn Charlton 
  • Jeff Clay 
  • Ken Cross 
  • Marga Cugnet 
  • Justus DeRuiter 
  • Jean Fahlman 
  • Brian Glass 
  • Bridget Harder 
  • Michael Hoffman 
  • Brian Hopfe 
  • Lynn Kot 
  • Doug Loden 
  • Judy Lumb 
  • Jacqueline Mallory 
  • Patrick Maloney 
  • Melinda Mintenko 
  • Murray McGillivray 
  • Dwight McMillan 
  • Victoria Mwamaskika 
  • Greg Nikkel 
  • Trevor Pandachuk 
  • Chuck Pachkowsky 
  • Darrell Perras 
  • Sophie Pollock 
  • James Richards 
  • Glenn Rogers 
  • Aaron Roy 
  • Diane Sander 
  • Marcie Swedburg 
  • Denis Tremblay 
  • Bruno Tuchscherer 
  • Cara Weger 
  • Mike Weger
  • Mal Barber
  • Delaine Barber

In the video below, we have as many of the presentations as we were able to capture. Congratulations to everyone who received a medal!