Robin Stelter took her bowling career to new heights with her recent trip to Calgary, AB, for the Special Olympics Canada Winter Games (SOCWG). In total, 8 events attracted 1,250 athletes and coaches along with 2,500 spectators to the games, requiring up to 1,500 volunteers to manage the event. There, on the national stage, Robin competed alongside 40 other teams from across Canada, all vying for top spots in their categories. Not only did Robin return with a Silver Medal in the Team category, she also earned some valuable experience as an athlete and lifelong memories as well.

"This was my first time going to Calgary and it was a lot of fun," said Stelter. "It was challenging for me to get up early in the mornings, at 6 o'clock and sometime 5 o'clock. We played three games per day so both of my arms were really sore, but I got to rest up yesterday for recovery."

One of the biggest highlights for Robin was the opening ceremonies of the event, where athletes marched on parade for spectators ahead of the competition and enjoyed special performances organized by the SOCWG.

"I loved the grand opening. We saw horses carry in the torch, and a dance crew. And they did the Barbie song, too," she recalled. "Everybody was there from Quebec, BC, Ontario, everywhere."

Now Stelter looks forward to continuing her bowling training at home as she competes locally to prepare for the next Special Olympics Canada Winter Games.