Whether you just want to hit the beach every day on your week off this summer or you plan to do some camping at Regional Parks anywhere in the province, the Weyburn Public Library can make it easy and more affordable for you to take advantage of all the adventures that await you. From swimming, fishing, golfing, kayaking, and beach volleyball, to attending that family reunion, there are plenty of reasons to visit one of Saskatchewan's Regional Parks, entry for which costs $12 per day, or $60 for the entire season.

Weyburn Public Library's Branch Manager Dawn Silver said library card holders just have to sign out the park passes as they would sign out a book.

"We actually have 14 passes this year," she shared. "We have had an increase. I believe we had 10 last year and it really wasn't enough. So now we actually seem to be maintaining a couple in the drawer all the time, and it's as easy as borrowing a book. You have your library card, you come in, you give us your library card, we scan it, we scan the park pass because it's barcoded, and then we tell you all about it."

Each pass can be signed out for one week and must be returned in person to the same branch it was signed out, and must be returned directly at the front desk, as opposed to the outdoor book return bins.

"You can't return it to the book bin because of those skinny little flimsy plastic pieces that have a tendency to disappear in the bin," Silver noted. "If it's overdue, you automatically get that $60 charge on your library account, and when you bring your card back, then it goes away."

"You can't put a request on it, and we ask people to be considerate and share," she said, meaning that once you've had your week with a pass, out of courtesy, don't just turn around and sign it out again, but rather wait to see if it is available even later that day. This way, they are available to other card-holders who may not yet have had a chance to use one.

Silver said they are, "trying to make this go as far as we possibly can and be as used as much as it possibly can be. So we don't want them sitting in a drawer. We really want them to be out in the hands of people and we want them to be out in our Regional Parks."

The passes hang onto your rearview mirror and provide entry into any Saskatchewan Regional Park. Find one HERE.

Silver added that they encourage their patrons to provide feedback about the Regional Park passes to SaskParks, especially if they'd like to see the program expand to the Provincial Parks and National Parks.

"That would be just even like icing on that wonderful parks cake," she commented. "We ask that people maybe fill out a survey, let us know how it's going." We've got QR codes for that."