Brayden King performed at the Weyburn Legion on Friday night on the second-last show in the 'Bad Night to be a Beer' western Canada tour. 

Discover Weyburn caught up with Brayden prior to the show.

"We've had, I think this is number 12 in the last three weeks, so it's been a crazy ride. We've been out to Vancouver and back, and it's been such a fun time. The shows have been incredible."

He said it was his first time performing in British Columbia, and they had a blast playing five new cities.

"It was honestly really good. we had some great shows there, especially like Sicamous was, like, really crazy because I feel like they don't get a lot of stuff out there so, like everyone was really excited about it," King noted. 

He said Penticton is the hometown of his co-headliner, Beamer.

"So that was really cool, and then Kelowna and Vancouver were just amazing and a great, warm welcome. I can't wait to go back."

Overall, King said of the tour, "it was an extreme success. We had so much fun and could be more thankful to all the venues and all the people that came out to support us." 

dDan Cugnet opened up the show on Friday night (photo by Mack Kohl).

Find a gallery below of photos captured by Mack Kohl, as well as a video by Marna McManus featuring highlights from performances by Dan Cugnet and Brayden King.