It could be said they help to bring some colour to downtown Weyburn and help the community bloom in the summer. The downtown planters that dot 3rd Street and Souris Avenue are going to be full of flowers, garden ornaments, and more soon. 

As the City of Weyburn starts the process of getting the planters ready for use, those who are interested in adopting one of the planters for the summer can do so now.  

"If there’s anyone who would like to participate, we do have four remaining,” said Curtis Block. He is the Parks Manager for the City of Weyburn. “All they have to do is call us here at 848-3290, and we can get you signed up.” 

Those who sign up for the program also receive $100 in what the city calls ‘seed money’ to help buy some plants. 

“We do encourage people to do more if they can,” Block added.  

Those who adopt the planters will then have a plaque attached showing who is the participant. But, aside from planting, there is still a little bit of work to be done. Weeding is the responsibility of those who are participating in the program. The watering, though, will be done by the City of Weyburn.