The Victoria Day long weekend is here, and with it, a popular attraction in Weyburn is now open for the season. Campers will be able to pull up for a stay at the River Park Campground.  

“There are some camp stalls still available,” said City of Weyburn Parks Manager Curtis Block. “If anyone would like to reserve a spot, it can be done online by visiting the River Park Weyburn website.” The website also includes the rules and regulations for the campground and has information on booking the gazebo in the park.  

There is a maximum length of stay at the park, with visits limited to 14 days. Block explained this is in part due to the size of the park, and wanting to have a number of opportunities for people to be able to enjoy a few nights at the campground.  

River Park has remained a popular attraction in Weyburn for RVers and tent campers alike thanks in part to the location. Block pointed to the attractions nearby. 

“It’s close to the spray park for the kids, there’s a playground nearby for the kids, we’ve got the walking trails, Signal Hill walking path that people can go for a walk in the evenings... it’s central.”