Rarely is there an opportunity to celebrate a 100th anniversary, however, the crew at E. Bourassa & Sons are celebrating this remarkable milestone by giving back $100,000 to the communities who have helped them achieve this momentous occasion.

It was in Radville in 1924 that Emile Bourassa and his sons Albert and Romeo launched their business selling coal and wood, and now, four generations later, E. Bourassa & Sons has expanded from one store and a few employees to four New Holland dealerships, two Napa Auto Parts stores and one Power Sports store with over 130 employees. Such success is a testament to strong business and management skills, however, for the partners at E. Bourassa & Sons it's all about community.

Photo courtesy of E. Bourassa & Sons

Chief Executive Officer, Kurtis Bourassa shares why giving back is a top priority, “The community has played such a huge role for us. We really believe that the community is everything. And so, we really wanted to do something to give back to the community, especially in agriculture. We’re in small town Saskatchewan and it’s hard working and without the community, you can’t build for the next generation. We really wanted to do something to give back to the community, so we came up with the Community Development Fund. We're going to give back $100,000 in celebration of our 100th anniversary in 2024 to local communities in our area.”   

Bourassa added that with the current economic struggles, it made sense to put the dollars back into the communities rather than hold a big party. 

“We just hope that it really makes a difference in communities, the smaller communities that need these funds, that don't have big operating budgets and things like that to build things, whether it's, you know, for sport or recreation or clubs or just anything.  We really just hope that it helps people get over that hump of getting what they need, because I think most generations want to make it better for the next generation and they want to make sure that the facilities are as good or better for the next generation.” 

The Community Development Fund is designed to give at least $2500 to a maximum of $20,000. Applicants are required to submit a five-minute video describing their organizations, how they would use the money, and how it would benefit their community. The full list of details is available on the E. Bourassa & Sons website.  In addition to their generous giving, customers can also look forward, to some special celebrations in June.