Some much-needed precipitation could be making itself known over the southeast in the coming days, as weather systems make their way through the region. There were even some thundershowers reported in a few parts of the region on Wednesday.  

Natalie Hasell, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, detailed the conditions that have made it ripe for rain to fall. 

"The same things that occur throughout the rest of the year play a role in the spring, so if we look back to the last several days, we had a system roll-through,” Hasell explained. “Let's go back to the weekend, we had a system roll-through on Saturday across or sit across a good chunk of Saskatchewan during the day on Saturday, more to the West of you folks and then eventually that system did move over. It took a while to get to you though. As that line did not move very quickly at all, but it did eventually make it to you." 

That system ended up coming through Monday, creating a narrow window for rain in some areas that came through during the evening. Tuesday was then quiet but was soon followed up by a more intense system on Wednesday thanks to the changing seasonal conditions. 

"We did see that across a lot of southern Saskatchewan, southern Manitoba, and North Dakota yesterday,” Hasell continued. “So you know the same things that we look at, the same structures that we look at, so we had an unstable atmosphere developing. We had enough daytime heating to kind of make things a little bit more convective. We had the below and the frontal structure going through that could have been our trigger for these systems to happen. So we're just in a slightly different temperature regime now with these warmer air masses." 

Those lows have moved on, but more could be on the way. Temperatures are expected to warm up this weekend, without too much in the way of precipitation. Before then, though, there is the possibility of a few thundershowers overnight tonight in the southeast. Then, by mid-week next week, there could be some rain on the way with temperatures getting closer to seasonal than the above-average warmth expected for the weekend.  

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