A friendly face from the pool will now be a friendly face at City Hall.

After having worked in the City of Weyburn's Leisure Services Department since 2007, her most recent role being Program Manager, Tina Clay is is now at City Hall full time, in her new role as City Clerk.

The City Clerk not only serves as a Returning Officer during the municipal elections, but she is also a liaison between City Council and the public, as well as providing administrative support to City Council.

"I do have some big shoes to fill," she said of her predecessor, Donette Richter. "And she had some big shoes to fill before that, but I'm really excited to embrace this role and get going with it."

In 2005, Clay graduated with a Kinesiology degree from the University of Regina, with a major in Recreation and Sport Administration. For the past year, she has been working on a Certificate in Local Government Administration through her alma mater. 

"I've completed three classes so I have two left to take, but I should be done by April 2025," she shared.  "I've really enjoyed taking the classes and what I'm learning, and I'm really looking forward to utilizing what I've been learning into this new role."

She said that while she is still learning her new role, she has always been interested in administrative work. "I started taking these classes to help me in my other position. It was a good opportunity."

"I really liked my program manager position. I loved doing all the events, and summertime is always so fun with Canada Day and Party in the Park and the paddling pools and the day camps and all that kind of stuff. So I really enjoyed it, but I just saw this as an opportunity that I was ready to take."

"It is exciting to get into something different and let somebody new take over that position and get a fresh perspective," she shared. 

The transition was made easier given that she knows everyone at City Hall, and, in fact, she was working two days every week in her office there, with the other three at the Weyburn Leisure Centre. 

"I've already just kind of dug my heels in and I'm excited to see where this goes," she commented. 

Of the job, she added, "It's definitely a lot of information that you're privy to, but it's part of the role and I just do my best to help support Council, and be an ear for the public as well."

clay councilCity Clerk Tina Clay's first day on the job just happened to also be a scheduled day for one of May's regular meetings of Weyburn City Council.