Many churches in Weyburn have joined together to provide the Community Hot Meal Program. Residents can look forward to sitting down to a FREE weekly meal at Knox Hall on Sunday evenings. 

“You’re welcome to come, there’s no charge, if we have leftovers which we usually do, we try and make more than we think we’ll need, we do have containers to send extra servings home with people,” said John Smith, Chairperson of the Weyburn Ministerial Association and Coordinator of the Hot Meal Program.  

“The original purpose of the meal was not just to provide food for a meal, but it was also an outing, an opportunity to sit down at a table with others to visit.” 

John shared they began serving the hot meals at the beginning of November, and as the weeks pass the number of people coming to enjoy the Sunday meal is increasing.  

In the past couple of years due to the COVID restrictions, hot meals were being delivered individually to each home however this year, it is back to normal. 

“We’re returning to the format where we are preparing and serving the meals in the hall on Sunday evenings and inviting people to come to the hall, and we are offering rides to those who need transportation.” 

Volunteers begin serving the meal from around 5 pm to approximately 5:30 pm, to call for a ride or to donate to the Community Hot Meal Program you can call John Smith at (306)891-4123. 

A hot meal will be served every Sunday with the exception of Christmas Day and New Year's Day.