The Weyburn Police Service stopped a vehicle on Saturday morning for having unregistered license plates, which ended up resulting in the driver's license being suspended for 18 months. 

As Police Chief Jamie Blunden explained, there was so much more to the story. While the driver was slightly impaired, blowing only a warning on the ASD, this was his third offense within the past year.

“So in this case, we had a new driver under the graduated drivers license rules. So as a new driver you're not allowed to have any alcohol whatsoever while you're driving. Not even a beer on you. Not a little bit in your system. And on this time it was his third offense of having alcohol on his person at the time, and so as a result that leads to an 18 month suspension,” he noted.

“Ultimately this person had an unregistered vehicle., and he was a suspended driver and on top of that,” he added. “Also third time in a row within the year, he had alcohol inside of him, which led us to the 18 month suspension.”

He said the zero tolerance only applies to the graduated licensing program, and the amount in his system wouldn't have led to such a harsh penalty for someone experienced who did not have previous impaired charges.

The driver was also charged for operating an unregistered vehicle and driving without a valid driver’s license.