Two big drug busts took place last week for the Weyburn Police Service. 

Police Chief Jamie Blunden says the first occurred after they received a report of someone asleep behind the wheel.

"On October 30th, give or take around 3:30 in the morning, one of our officers was dispatched to an area after receiving a call to our station with somebody passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle. Our members went down to the area of 5th and 5th and ended up locating the vehicle in question and found somebody who passed out behind the wheel," he shared. 

"He was ultimately arrested for the impaired operation of a conveyance. At that point, a search of his person as well as the car results in a bunch of drug paraphernalia as well as drugs themselves. And based on what we seized from him, individually begged amounts of cocaine, he was charged for possessed for the purpose of trafficking, ultimately processed, and he was given an offense state to appear in court down the road."

According to the police report, he was also charged for being in possession of a dangerous weapon.

He said the trafficking charge was based on the evidence, of cash and other paraphernalia, as well as the drugs and the way they were wrapped.

On November 2nd, police pulled over a suspended vehicle, which lead to another bust. This time, for methamphetamines.

"One of our members said noticed an individual that knew he was suspended driving a vehicle, at which time he pulled him over, and charged him for the driving suspended," Blunden explained. "He also had a couple of traffic warrants outstanding for his arrest when they investigated a little further, they found some meth on his person, again individually wrapped, and the evidence that we were able to seize from exhibits led to the charge of possession for the purpose of trafficking as well." 

The police report said the individual was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking methamphetamine under the CDSA along with possession of a dangerous weapon.