Leicester Family Restaurant in Weyburn is helping out 7-year-old Isaiah Evans with a much-needed vehicle, which will help his family get him around while being able to attend to his physical needs. Read more HERE.

"The owner has decided to host a month-long fundraiser for the Evans family," explained Isaiah's Educational Assistant Shannon Seitz, who also works at Leicester.

"So we have our menu with four items on it and the plates are $25 each and four out of each plate. Leicester will donate $10 back to the Isaiah Evans Trust Fund."

She said the offer is also available for pickup or delivery.

You can also purchase a Friends of Isaiah card for $5 where you can write your own message of support for Isaiah.

The Friends of Isaiah fundraiser will run until May 30th.

Currently, the overall fundraising is at about $30,000, with the goal being $100,000. Seitz said they are hoping to see more events throughout the summer. They hope to be wrapped up by the end of September.

"We've had a lot of community support for the program and a lot of people interested in hosting smaller fundraisers. Some church groups have come together and have some ideas on how they're going to get together and donate, some garage shows are being hosted and money will be donated to Isaiah, so there's lots of different people working together to make this come together for the family."

Seitz thanked everyone who has reached out to get involved.

"Even if it's messages to the family or showing support in other ways. It's really brought a lot of people together. We're really hoping to get this together for the family."