The Weyburn Concert Series is ready to kick off its 2023/24 season with a knockout lineup that includes Juno Award winners and talent from revered Canadian classics such as Corner Gas and MadTV. 

First up is Gaslighter: Songs of the Chicks, a tribute band to The Chicks which ranks NO.11 for top-selling country music artists of all time beating out the likes of Johnny Cash and Carrie Underwood. 

"We are excited to have a band with us out of Vancouver called Gaslighter and they do songs of The Chicks. This is the ultimate Chicks experience. We can't afford the real thing in Weyburn, but we've got the next best thing and they do a fabulous job of The Chicks," said Linda Aitken, President of Weyburn Concert Series. "One of so one of the three singers is a Juno award winner. Her name is Shannon Saunders, and she's backed up by Tracy Mason and Emily Ashcroft.

Advance tickets can be purchased at Old Fashion Foods or the Weyburn Review for $45 for adults and $20 per child or they can be purchased through the Weyburn Concert Series website here and E-transfer is available. Tickets can also be purchased at the door for $50 for adults and $25 per child.  Season tickets will also be available at the first show. 

The show is on Thursday, September 28th at the Cugnet Centre. Doors open at 6:30 PM and the show will start at 7:30 PM. 

You can find more details and videos on the Gaslighter website here.

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