Weyburn City Council will have a full agenda for their meeting tonight, with a number of tenders on the agenda, as well as proclamations and conversation about a citizen survey. 

The two proclamations tonight are for public works week and pride week. Then, the councillors will receive some of their regular reports, including one from the building department and one from the fire department. 

There are four tenders that will be discussed and voted on. The first will be for the design of the equalization lagoon infrastructure upgrades. The issues were brought up during a hydraulic assessment last year that happened after some localized flooding events. The evaluation found some areas of restrictions within the system and provided recommendations for the capacity and operability issues of Lift Station No. 1. The 2023 municipal budget allocated $750,000 for the recommended upgrades. The tender before the council will look at the request for proposal submissions for the design of the upgrades.  

The next tender is one for the traffic and zone painting on the streets of Weyburn and lines at the Weyburn Airport. The budget for the projects is $115,000 for the city streets and another $15,000 for the airport. 

The request for a proposal for this year’s unidirectional water main flushing program is also on the agenda. The flushing has a budget of $40,000, and there were four submissions for the proposal. The final agenda tender for the councillors will be the replacement of roofs at Tom Zandee Sports Arena and Soo Line Historical Museum. The 2023 budget has $315,000 set aside for both of the jobs, however, the bids that have come in were above the budgeted amount.  

The final item included in the agenda heading into the meeting is a citizen survey. The survey, which would be held later this year, is aimed to help provide the public with input to guide the council and administration in developing a plan for the community through the municipal budget and the strategic plan.  

We will have full coverage of the meeting tonight, on-air and online, starting tomorrow morning.