The 45th edition of the Saskatchewan Marathon took place in Saskatoon over the weekend, attracting a diverse field of participants from all over the province. Once again, Weyburn and its surrounding areas were well represented, showcasing the region's strong running community. The event featured various race categories, including the grueling 42.2km full marathon, the challenging 21.1km half marathon, the speedy 10K race, and the energetic 5km race. 

In the men's 42.2km full marathon, Kip Kangogo of Lethbridge emerged as the champion. On the women's side, Christine Bant from Victoria claimed victory.

Former Weyburn resident Stephen Loden showcased his running prowess by finishing in the top 5, securing an impressive fourth-place overall finish with a remarkable time of 2 hours, 42 minutes, and 15 seconds. Loden's achievement highlights his commitment to the sport and his ability to excel under pressure. 

Glenn Rogers, another representative from Weyburn, made his mark on the marathon by finishing third in his category and an impressive 26th overall. Rogers crossed the finish line with a time of 3 hours, 22 minutes, and 22 seconds. 

In the 21.1km half marathon race, Weyburn's Karen Becker achieved an outstanding accomplishment, securing a second-place finish in her category with a time of 2:06:47. Additionally, Ken King demonstrated his endurance and skill, placing 14th in his category with a time of 2:25:12. 

Beatrice Fiola-Johnson and Luke Dillen also represented Weyburn proudly in the half marathon. Fiola-Johnson secured the 17th spot in her category, completing the race in 1:54:19. Dillen, on the other hand, achieved a personal best time of 1:50:09, earning him the 30th position in his category. 

In the 10K race, Weyburn's Camden Husband delivered a stellar performance, finishing first in his category and an impressive 10th overall with a time of 39:54. Rylan King also showcased his talent, securing a commendable 9th place finish in her category with a time of 53:13. Susan Hubbard displayed her determination, placing 15th in her category with a time of 1:01:35. Meanwhile, Manual Ofalla gave a strong effort, finishing 42nd with a time of 1:05:16. 

Notably, Chris Christie demonstrated his skills in the 5km race, finishing 34th in his division with a time of 36:27.

Weyburn Run Club

Beyond the Saskatchewan Marathon, Weyburn's running community has been active in various events throughout the month of May. Several runners from the area participated in the Royal Road Race at the Regina RCMP depot on May 13th. The Weyburn contingent included Glenn Rogers, Jim Greig, Ramona Iida, Tensei Iida, Mallory Cawthra, Steph Hunter, Kristin Peterson, and Taylor Peterson-Gutzke. Their participation showcased the camaraderie and support within the Weyburn running community. 

Additionally, on May 6th, Terra Jacobsen represented Weyburn at the Toronto Marathon, finishing an impressive fifth in her category with a time of 3 hours, 45 minutes, and 42 seconds. Jacobsen's accomplishment showcases her resilience and determination to succeed at a high level. 

Looking ahead, several Weyburn runners are preparing for the upcoming "Sinister 7" race, a grueling 100-mile team trail race that takes place over seven mountain peaks in the Crowsnest Pass. The event, scheduled for early July, will test the endurance and mental fortitude of participants. Among the Weyburn runners gearing up for this challenge are Kelsie Arnott, Luke Dillen, Beatrice Fiola-Johnson, and Glenn Rogers, who are determined to conquer the rugged terrain and achieve new heights in their running journey. 

The Saskatchewan Marathon, along with the various road races in May, has showcased the passion, dedication, and talent of the Weyburn running community. These events provide a platform for local athletes to challenge themselves and achieve their personal bests.