The Humboldt Broncos defeated the Red Wings 3-0 in game 7. You can read the full recap here.


3rd Period - 0:00 - The Red Wings efforts to rally back come up short, and the Broncos win game 7 3-0. 

3rd Period - 17:14 - Dazza Mitchell is back on the bench for the extra attacker. 

3rd Period - 16:46 - The Broncos put the game away. Maddox Amaral sends the puck down the length of the ice on a clearing attempt, and it goes off the post and in. 

3rd Period - 16:32 - The Red Wings call their 30-second time out with an offensive zone faceoff. Head coach Cody Mapes makes the decision to pull Dazza Mitchell in favour of an extra attacker.

3rd Period - 13:06 - Time running out for the Red Wings, with Humboldt keeping the Red Wings hemmed into their own end. 

3rd Period - 11:58 - Red Wings continue to be outshot heavily in the third period, 15-1 at this point. 

3rd Period - 10:25 - Cage Newans collides with Dazza Mitchell, and no call is initially made by the officials, but Lucas Jeffreys is then sent to the box for cross-checking. The replay on the big screen didn't show the infraction, so Nick and John, along with the Red Wings faithful in attendance, are confused by the call. 

3rd Period - 10:01 - The third period hits the halfway mark, but it is on an icing call so no media timeout. The Red Wings now looking to get some pressure on the Broncos as they look to make the comeback. 

3rd Period - 8:11 - Spencer Bell scores for Humboldt on the power play to put the Broncos up 2-0. 

3rd Period - 7:14 - With 1:01 left in the second minor to Maharaj, Mitchell makes a big save to hold the score 1-0. The Red Wings are being outshot 10-0 so far in the third period. 

3rd Period - 6:13 - The luck runs out for the Red Wings on the penalty kill. Boris Kofman gets the puck past Mitchell to put the Broncos up 1-0 with just under 14 minutes left in regulation. 

3rd Period - 4:45 - The Broncos now get a 5-on-3 power play as Jerome Maharaj missed a stick lift and clipped Connor Thue. The call is a double minor for high sticking. 

3rd Period - 4:24 - The Broncos get their second power play of the game as Jacob Visentini is called for tripping in the defensive zone. 

3rd Period - 3:00 - Broncos with some momentum to start the period, putting five shots on goal in the opening three minutes. Mitchell, though, managed to keep the score even. 


Nick and John's picks to score the first goal of the game - John goes with Max Monette for the Red Wings and doesn't pick a Bronco. Nick picks Strizzi from the Broncos and Meiklejohn for the Red Wings. 

The 50/50 at Elgar Petersen Arena has a total jackpot of over $20,000!!!


Stats after the 2nd Period:

SOG: Weyburn 10-18(28), Humboldt 8-8(16)

Penalties/Minutes: Weyburn 2/4, Humboldt 3/6

Power Play: Weyburn 0/2, Humboldt 0/1


After 2nd Period - The game is still tied 0-0 after 40 minutes of play. Benjamin Motew is the sole reason Weyburn isn't winning, as he has made a number of stellar saves to keep the Broncos in the game. 

2nd Period -18:30 - Mitchell with another big save on a Humboldt 3-on-1. Keeps the game knotted up 0-0. 

2nd Period - 18:00 - The intensity in the game is ramping up with a lot of big hits all over the ice. Referees are allowing the game to carry a bit of an edge too. 

2nd Period - 15:15 - Red Wings keeping up the pressure, and limiting the chances for the Broncos. When Humboldt does get one, they are making sure Dazza Mitchell has a clear line of sight on the shot. 

2nd Period - 12:53 - Jerome Maharaj with some fantastic stickhandling, including a fake Michigan to draw in a defender, leads to a great opportunity, but Motew managed to somehow keep it out of the net. Unreal play by Maharaj to make it all happen. 

2nd Period - 11:23 - Coincidental minors as Max Monette from the Red Wings and Daylan Weigel from the Broncos are sent to the box for roughing after a spirited battle for position in front of the Humboldt crease. 

2nd Period - 10:15 - Media timeout. Broncos have spent some time in the Weyburn zone, but the Red Wings have carried much of the play so far, a trend in the series. Weyburn has outshot Humboldt in second periods all series long. And big kudos to Nick Nielsen and John Prette. They are having a fantastic call in what is the first game seven either has ever called in the SJHL. 

2nd Period - 6:21 - The Red Wings are buzzing in the Broncos zone, with several great opportunities. The flurry of activity is only stopped when Motew covers up the puck to force a whistle.

2nd Period - 3:06 - Dazza Mitchell with the biggest save of the game, covering up the puck behind him on a shot redirected off the skate of Strizzi in the crease. 

2nd Period - 1:18 - A stoppage of play after a collision along the boards in the Weyburn zone pops open a door. 

Second Period - The start of the period is delayed due to some ice issues. Fitzgerald, Ruthven and Visentini to start up front for Weyburn for the middle period. 


Stats after the 1st Period:

SOG: Weyburn 10, Humboldt 8

Penalties/Minutes: Weyburn 1/2, Humboldt 2/4

Power Play: Weyburn 0/2, Humboldt 0/1


After 1st Period - The Red Wings outshot the Humboldt Broncos 10-8 in the first period, but the goaltenders were the stars of the opening frame. Dazza Mitchell looking good in the first 20 minutes. 

1st Period - 19:08 - Now into the final minute of the first period, with the Red Wings spending a lot of time in the Broncos zone. 

1st Period - 18:09 - A late shot on goal after a whistle for an icing call results in a scrum beside Dazza Mitchell, but there were no penalties called. Faceoff back into the Humboldt zone. 

1st Period - 17:03 - The Broncos score, but the referee immediately waves it off, as it appeared it was redirected in by a high stick from Jacob Strizzi. Referees converge at the penalty box to discuss the call. Ruling from the referee stands, much to the displeasure of the fans at Elgar Petersen Arena.

1st Period - 16:36 - Broncos successfully kill off the penalty, preventing the Red Wings from getting any shots on goal during the power play. 

1st Period - 15:00 - Ruthven is back on the ice, after getting some repairs from Red Wings trainer Marvin Fox. 

1st Period - 14:36 - The Red Wings get another power play after Travis Bryson tripped up Nick Kovacs in the Weyburn zone. The offensive zone penalty puts the Broncos on the penalty kill for the second time tonight. 

1st Period - 13:27 - Cade Meiklejohn had a great opportunity, but Motew was able to make the save. Some bad news for Jaxson Ruthven though as he is in the dressing room after getting an errant stick in the face. No call on the play. 

1st Period - 8:27 - Media time out in Humboldt, and just in time to give a break for Nick and John. Weyburn had some good chances on the power play but came just inches away from scoring the first goal of the game. 

1st Period - 9:30 - The Red Wings get their first power play of the game, as Spencer Bell of the Broncos is called for tripping. Weyburn's power play so far in this series is 6-for-28. 

Note: This is the first time both Nick Nielsen and John Prette have ever called a game seven. 

1st Period - 7:43 - The contingent of Red Wings fans who made the trip to Humboldt for the game tonight is loud, and you can hear them over the Broncos fans when the big screen puts up Go Broncos Go. 

1st Period - 7:00 - Benjamin Motew stops Jaxson Ruthven after the Red Wings forward took a feed from Liam Fitzgerald on a 2-on-1. 

1st Period - 5:28 - Cade Meiklejohn is back in the lineup for the Red Wings after missing the last five games of the regular season and the first six games of the series. Looked good on his short shift, albeit a short one. 

1st Period - 4:20 - The Red Wings successfully kill the penalty to Oxelgren, with Humboldt only able to muster one shot on goal with the man advantage. 

1st Period - 2:20 - The Broncos get the first power play of the game after a tripping penalty is called on Weyburn blueliner Dallen Oxelgren.