A local homeschooling mother of four, Leslie Richards took her children along with four others to the demolition site of the Soo Theatre on Wednesday.

She said it is important to witness this little bit of history.
"It's fantastic. It's neat to watch the process of it going down, and then hopefully we'll come and watch it build," she said. 

Richards told Discover Weyburn that her older two children remember going to see a movie at the Old Soo Theatre.

"I think they saw Angry Birds, and have a vague memory of that."

dPhoto by Mack Kohl.

"Where else are you going to learn this kind of stuff? Not from that from a textbook, actually seeing it in action, the safety that they take, the precautions. We've had lots of conversations about construction and safety," she shared. 

Richards noted they had been by the demolition site on Tuesday when demolition began on the walls. 

"It was really cool, just to see them be cautious with power lines, that there's all these little things that go into it, it's not just smashing blocks necessarily as a kid, but this is like real life," she noted. "This is really neat for them to see."

She added her older children also remember watching the demolition of the Weyburn Inn in 2018. 

dPhoto by Marna McManus.